3 Soft Skills to Seek in CRNA Candidates

Mar 26, 2020

CRNAs require both hard and soft skills to succeed in their high-stress discipline.

However, the fact is not all nurses are up to the task.

Healthcare staffing pros, the recruiters at Odyssey have been connecting health centers and hospitals with skilled CRNAs for more than 10 years and have interviewed thousands of candidates in that time. Here are three soft skills we recommend medical facilities seek in their CRNA candidates based on our years of expertise:

People Skills

It’s no secret that people tend to get emotional in a high-stress field like healthcare. When hiring CRNAs, it’s particularly important to seek out staff with strong people skills. Because these professionals interact with patients regularly, they need to be able to behave in a way that’s warm, friendly and respectful. Additionally, the best CRNAs are able to empathize with patients, as well as members of their families.


Good CRNAs communicate well with both patients and their fellow employees. Not only do these workers have to provide information about care and medication to the patients in their care, they also have to serve as a liaison between doctors and patients, conveying the latter’s wishes and concerns. Hence, their ability to communicate clearly and openly is essential.

Attention to Detail

CRNAs need to be alert to any changes in patients’ conditions. From dolling out the correct doses of medicine to recording vitals and other details exactly, strict attention to detail is essential. For best results, look for job candidates who are able to maintain focus and meticulous standards even under stressful circumstances.

Let Odyssey Staffing Assist With Your Hiring

It’s no secret that nurses form the heart and soul of a medical facility. Moreover, they have a profound affect on patient outcomes and satisfaction. As a health center, it’s your responsibility to find the best CRNAs and other medical employees available. You can trust Odyssey Staffing to help you recruit and screen all the workers who come your way. To find out more about our staffing services, call or contact our team online.

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