3 Ways to Build Loyalty in Your Medical Staff

Oct 10, 2019

A healthcare facility is only as good as the doctors and nurses who make up its medical staff. Moreover, many hospitals suffer when health workers leave them for the competition. A leader in local staffing services, Odyssey strives to connect health centers with great job seekers and keep them for the long haul. Here are some tips for building loyalty among your medical team.

Avoid Micromanaging Them

If you want to show your employees you trust them, avoid micromanaging them in their daily tasks. Not only are workers bound to get annoyed at the constant hovering, they are also much less likely to step up to the plate and accept responsibility for their actions. If you want your staff to become more accountable, encourage them to take more control in the workplace, not less.

Set Up Staff Training

Arranging for staff members to train one another helps build accountability while inspiring teamwork. Ask more experienced workers to help newer ones get up to speed on different tasks. Not only does this create a mindset among the team that workers are responsible for one another’s successes and failures, but it also fosters trust and team bonding. Additionally, arranging for your staff to train new workers frees up senior management to focus on higher-level tasks.

Apply Consistent Discipline

No boss wants to be perceived as a disciplinarian. However, if you do have to deal with disloyal employees, it’s important to apply discipline in a stern and consistent fashion. Doing this sets a good example for new teammates, while showing existing ones that they can’t push you around or slack off in the workplace.

Find Great Doctors With Help From Odyssey Staffing

In business for more than 10 years, Odyssey Staffing connects healthcare facilities with great employees both locally and around the nation. Whether you’re looking for temporary locum tenens workers or full-time staff to join your team, we can help. To learn more about our recruitment services, call today or contact us online. We look forward to helping staff your company for success.

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