3 Ways to Relieve Holiday Stress for Medical Staff

Dec 17, 2020

The holidays can be a stressful time in the workplace. While some industries can expect a lighter workload during the holidays to help alleviate that stress, healthcare professionals need to remain at the top of their game all year long. Still, there are ways that supervisors can cut down on stress for their workers. If you’re looking for ways to help your medical staff relax this holiday season, then Odyssey Staffing has a few helpful tips.

Throw a Party

Having a holiday-themed get-together is a relatively simple way to allow your employees to unwind. Parties offer workers a chance to mingle in a more casual environment and engage with other employees that they may not get a chance to see every day. To make the party as fun and stress-free as possible, lower the bar for the dress code and encourage your workers to invite their families.

Hire Temporary Help

One of the best ways to help workers relax is to remove some of the work from their plates during the holiday season. Often, medical facilities will bring in temporary nurses and physicians during the holidays in order to pick up some of the slack and relieve their regular workforce of some of their duties. You may be surprised just how effectively one or two extra workers can lighten the load for everybody.

Gifts and Benefits

During the holidays, a lot of offices create company-wide gift exchange programs. These programs can help to boost camaraderie, but remember that between buying gifts for friends and family, some employees may be a little strapped for cash. Instead, it may be a better idea to see what gifts the company can offer. Giving out holiday bonuses or extra time off can go a long way to helping your staff feel better around the holidays.

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