How to Manage a Medical Staff with Diverse Personalities

Feb 13, 2020

The medical field is made up of hardworking, dedicated professionals. Unfortunately, many of these professionals have strong personalities and sometimes these personalities come into conflict. If you have a medical staff full of different and conflicting personalities, you know how hard it is to get everyone on the same page and keep them happy. At Odyssey Staffing, we’re committed to helping your facility run as smoothly as possible. Here are four of our top tips for how to effectively manage a staff made up of diverse personalities.

Start Teambuilding Activities

One of the best ways to bring all of the members of your team together is to engage in teambuilding exercises. Granted, finding time for team building can be difficult in a medical setting, but it can be done. Consider hosting a board game tournament in the breakroom during lunch or institute a FitBit-assisted walking challenge to see who can take the most steps in a week. Creating friendly competition is a great way to inspire camaraderie amongst your staff.

Get to Know Your Staff

If you want to effectively manage the members of your medical staff, then you need to get to know them as individuals. Make sure that you know the personalities, interests and goals of all the people on your team, whether they’re new hires or long-term employees. Once you know each worker in your office on a personal level, then you can start to develop strategies to help every one of them succeed.

Schedule Employees Accordingly

Sometimes employees are simply incapable of getting along. If you know that there is a personality clash between a pair of employees, adjust the work schedule to minimize conflict. Adjust the employees’ schedules so that their work hours are staggered or assign them to different tasks within the office. By keeping workers with conflicting personalities apart, hopefully you can keep the peace.

Consider Personalities When Hiring

Perhaps the easiest way to manage your staff is to consider personalities during the hiring process. When evaluating a candidate, try to imagine how he or she will be received by the current members of your staff. Granted, there is no way to predict every personality clash that could emerge down the road, but you should be able to get some sense of how new hires will integrate with the rest of your team.

Let Odyssey Staffing Find Candidates For You

Since 2005, Odyssey Staffing has helped facilities across the county find quality medical professionals for a wide range of positions. Our placement specialists are committed to helping our clients identify the best possible candidates to fit their needs. Give us a call or contact us online today to learn more about what Odyssey Staffing can do for you.

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