How to Not Appear Desperate as a Healthcare Candidate

Sep 11, 2019

Even in an in-demand field such as healthcare, landing a job can be difficult. As you go on interviews and meet with hiring managers, it’s important for you to present yourself as positively as possible. Unfortunately, candidates sometimes come on too strongly during the hiring process, leaving hiring mangers with the impression that they’re overly desperate to land the job. In order to not appear desperate as you go on your job hunt, there are three helpful tips that you should follow.

Respond Quickly, But Not Too Quickly

If you meet somebody out at a bar or a coffee shop, you know you’ll seem desperate if you reach out to them right away. Well, the same rule applies to responding to hiring managers. In general, you want to get back to them in a timely manner – but not so quickly that it’s clear you were waiting around for them to contact you. As a good rule of thumb, try to give yourself a cushion of a few hours while still responding within 24 hours.

Don’t Follow Up Too Many Times

Following up after an interview with a polite “thank you” email is the right thing to do. However, you don’t want to continue following up too much beyond that. Give the hiring manager several days to get back to you, and if you haven’t heard anything in a week or more, feel free to touch base again. Hiring decisions often take time to develop, and if you reach out every day for a week, you’ll definitely come across as desperate.

Ask the Right Questions in the Interview

It’s a good idea to ask questions during your interview. Not only does posing questions to hiring managers switch up the dynamic and allow them to talk, but it also demonstrates that you’re actively interested in specifics regarding the company. Still, you need to make sure that you don’t ask the wrong questions. Don’t pose questions that hint at you being hired for the position, such as asking when you should start or requesting that the hiring manager offer you the position in the room.

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