It’s Time to Re-Evaluate Your Staff

Oct 23, 2019

Regular performance evaluations are necessary to determine how efficiently your facility is running, but many supervisors only schedule evaluations once a year. Unfortunately, this annual review process has increasingly proven to be inefficient. A full year is too broad of a brush to paint with, and many of the positives and the negatives of an employee’s performance are bound to be minimized or overlooked entirely. If you want to optimize the efficiency of your staff, it may be time to institute a new review process.

Switch to Quarterly Evaluations

Rather than only holding reviews once a year, many facilities have found success instituting a quarterly evaluation system. This quarterly process allows for a more targeted examination of an employee’s performance, as you’re dealing with a significantly narrower segment of time. Moreover, holding four times the number of evaluations a year gives supervisors more one-on-one face time with workers and more opportunities to correct inefficiencies in their operations.

Continually Set New Goals

In order for your facility to grow and be more successful, your employees need to acquire new skills, improve upon their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. By implementing a quarterly review process, supervisors can more easily keep track of employee progress and continually set new goals to work towards. Once new goals are set, they can be re-evaluated and adjusted just a short three months later, rather than waiting a full calendar year.

Be Proactive

Ultimately, more frequent reviews should give you a clearer picture of each employee’s performance. With this information, it will be easier to see which members of your team simply aren’t progressing the way they should. If you notice that a certain worker is consistently falling short of their goals, you need to be proactive about searching for new hires. While letting an employee go is never easy, you shouldn’t allow a single worker to drag down the efficiency of the entire office.

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