Need a Locum Tenens Physician? Look for Positivity

Jul 14, 2020

It’s no secret that employees with a positive outlook add value to their workplaces.

Finding a candidate who has a positive attitude can bring life to a staff that’s gone stale. Additionally, individuals tend to have an easier time fitting into the current company culture if they are open-minded. Learn more about why it’s essential to look for positivity in your locum tenens physicians.

Problems With Negative Employees

Negative employees cause a number of issues in the workplace. Not only can they damage staff morale and encourage other workers to complain on the job, but they also tend to lack motivation. As a result, these employees are likely to do the minimum amount of work and leave others to pick up the slack. And if a patient speaks to a staff member with a negative attitude, they might come away assuming your facility has poor customer service.

Every job has its ups and downs, and no worker is likely to be positive all the time. However, persistent downers can have a profoundly negative impact on your hospital or health center.

Positive Workers Excel in a Locum Tenens Environment

Positive workers tend to display a pleasant attitude regardless of circumstances. Not only do they try to make the best of bad situations, they also work hard to connect with their co-workers and create a harmonious environment of cooperation and camaraderie.

When interviewing medical candidates, it’s important to look for those who are positive and friendly. Seek out locum tenens doctors who report a passion for learning new skills. Additionally, you can pose scenarios to job candidates and see how they respond. If someone can stay cool and maintain positivity under pressure, they will likely be a solid addition to your team.

Trust Odyssey Staffing to Help With Your Hiring

The quality of your locum tenens physicians doesn’t just affect the happiness of your workforce; it also influences the success of your business and the general strength of patient care. A leader in recruitment services since 2005, Odyssey Staffing specializes in finding the best candidates for all your open positions. To learn more about our staffing services, call today or contact our team online

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