Prepare for Summer With Temporary Medical Staff

Apr 30, 2020

Summer means backyard barbecues, long walks on the beach…and more employees going on vacation. Having temporary medical staff allows current full-time staff to take much-needed vacations without leaving the company in a tough position. Here are three reasons to contact Odyssey Staffing about your temporary recruitment needs before the hot weather hits in full force:

Accommodate Your Staff

Medical employees work hard day in and day out and deserve a break to rest and recharge. One of the best reasons to hire temporary medical staff is that it allows you to accommodate your full-time team members during the summer months when vacations and family reunions are commonplace. Make sure you staff up early, as you can expect lots of requests for time off when the mercury soars, and you don’t want overworked health workers abandoning you for your competition.

Protect Your Patients

When doctors and nurses leave for their summer vacations, the workers who remain behind are often expected to pick up the slack. Not only does this cause a great deal of stress and resentment, it also has a negative impact on patient care. Hiring temporary medical staff protects both your patients and your facility.

Prepare for the Unexpected

While it’s common for employees to take vacations during the summer, health centers never know when a staffing shortage will strike. For this reason, it’s valuable to maintain a relationship with a quality medical staffing company. A reputable recruitment business can not only find you great candidates, but also perform a thorough screening process, so you know your staff is truly top-notch.

Contact Odyssey Staffing for Expert Recruitment

A leader in medical staffing services for more than 10 years, Odyssey Staffing has the knowledge and experience to help your facility find the best temporary and permanent workers for a wide range of open positions. From anesthesiologists to CRNAs, we do it all. Contact our team online to find out how we can find workers to meet your needs. You’ll be glad you did.

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