Signs That It’s Time to Do a Large Medical Staffing Overhaul

Jun 17, 2020

With more than a decade of healthcare staffing experience, the team at Odyssey Staffing knows what it looks like when a health center is running smoothly – and when it’s not. If there are numerous patient complaints and operations seem convoluted and difficult for no reason, it might be time to consider hiring a few new staff members. Here are some signs that your facility might be in need of a staffing overhaul:

Patient Issues

Have you been receiving more patient complaints than usual of late? Are they specifying that your staff isn’t up to snuff? If so, it might be time to consider replacing some of your workers. The goal is to ensure patients are enjoying not only the best treatment but also a friendly attitude whenever they visit.

Staffing Disputes

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry requires a certain amount of collaboration among its employees. Nurses need to be able to communicate with doctors, and doctors need to know they can rely on nurses to keep them up to date on patient developments and follow strict treatment regimens. If your staff is failing to communicate, this behavior might actually be putting patients at risk. As a result, you might need to consider switching up your team for the good of all involved.

Disorganized Office Environment

If paperwork is getting lost or prescriptions misplaced, your office might need an overhaul. Not only does a disorganized healthcare office cause major problems with regard to patient care, but it can also lead to legal repercussions if patient privacy guidelines aren’t respected. Plus, by bringing in new teammates who are more familiar with electronic records systems, you can bring your whole facility up to speed.

Let Odyssey Staffing Recruit the Best Team

Whether you’re looking for full-time permanent team members or just a few people to help out over the holidays, Odyssey Staffing has the knowledge and resources to find you the best people for the job. Additionally, we help you screen and interview employees, so you can rest assured knowing the people you hire are truly up to the task. To find out more about our staffing services, call today or contact us online.

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