Turnover Issues at Your Practice? Consider Revising Your Onboarding Program

Oct 16, 2020

Medical staff members will likely jump ship if they are not trained and integrated into the practice properly. However, giving staff a sense of purpose will allow them to do their best work and cut down on turnover rates. Here are some of Odyssey Staffing’s top tips for revising your onboarding program to minimize turnover:

Embrace Online Options

If you want to expedite your onboarding program while minimizing turnover, consider allowing employees to access key documents from their own workstations. By using learning management systems, you can allow staff members to read and review information at their own paces. This more customizable experience is a great way to put new team members at ease fast.

Assign Mentors

Of course, it’s not enough to provide employees with written documentation. You can also help new staff feel at home at work by assigning them mentors. The best mentors are long-term employees of the company who still demonstrate enthusiasm about their work. Make sure these peer coaches are available whenever your new workers need support or just a friendly ear.

Set Expectations

If your current onboarding program isn’t helping you build a permanent team, the problem might be a lack of clear expectations. After all, you can’t expect workers to succeed if they don’t know what success entails. For best results, set specific objectives and goals upfront as a part of the onboarding process. Make it clear how and when you will be measuring employee performance to increase the odds of them hitting their marks.

Rely on Odyssey Staffing to Assist With Your Hiring

Tired of hiring new employees only to dismiss them again – and lose a bundle in the process? If so, consider hiring the team at Odyssey Staffing to handle all your company’s recruitment needs moving forward. In business since 2005, we specialize in helping hospitals and health centers find the best medical workers for all their open positions. To find out more about what we can do for you, call today or contact our team online.

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