Why Would a CRNA Become a Locum CRNA Candidate?

Aug 20, 2020

Certified registered nurse anesthetists are some of the most highly qualified and specially trained members of the medical community. Accordingly, they are also some of the highest paid providers, with most CRNAs routinely pulling in more than $160,000+ per year as a Staff CRNA and $230,000+ per year as a Locum CRNA. Given their skill level, CRNAs are typically in high demand and enjoy a great deal of job security, so facility managers are sometimes surprised when certified registered nurse anesthetists decide to become locum CRNA candidates. Even though this job path may be less common, becoming a locum CRNA comes with a number of benefits that traditional employment doesn’t.

Building Experience

Taking work as a locum CRNA typically allows nurse anesthetists to gain valuable experience at a faster pace. By moving between workplaces, locum CRNAs often have the chance to learn from a variety of different medical professionals, gaining knowledge that would be difficult to accrue in a single setting. Additionally, changing facilities every few months may also give them exposure to different types of procedures, deepening their overall medical experience.

Gathering References

No matter how large a medical facility is, CRNAs are sometimes limited in their ability to gather references, as they tend to work with the same physicians day in and day out. On the other hand, frequently changing facilities allows locum CRNAs to quickly expand their pool of resources, as they get the chance to work for numerous different physicians over the course of the year. These references can be incredibly valuable as CRNAs attempt to find future employment, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Experiencing Different Environments

Different medical facilities have different cultures. By transferring between facilities and taking different jobs, locum CRNAs get the chance to experience a multitude of environments. This experience can be invaluable as it gives certified registered nurse anesthetists a chance to see what types of environments work best for them. Additionally, since different facilities might handle different types of procedures, it allows CRNAs to see what kind of work they find the most fulfilling.

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