Why You Should Start Writing a Medical Blog

Jun 17, 2020

Writing a medical blog doesn’t just offer future employers a window into the everyday life of your medical career, it also allows them to see what kind of employee and person you are. Whether you just graduated from medical school or have been providing care for decades, launching a medical blog can also launch your career in new and exciting directions. Consider these reasons for all doctors to blog about their experiences.

You Can Demonstrate Your Passion for the Job.

Medical facilities want to hire doctors and nurses who demonstrate a true passion for their occupations, as well as the people they serve. One of the benefits of blogging is that it provides you with a platform to showcase your human side to potential employers. Write about day-to-day encounters, meaningful experiences, and all the ways in which you learn from your patients and colleagues. Blogging is also great for doctors who don’t feel comfortable talking about their work in more public, visible settings like conferences and seminars.

You Can Show Your Love of Learning.

Another benefit of blogging is that it allows you to showcase your commitment to academic pursuits. It’s no secret that medical science is constantly evolving, and a doctor’s education is never truly finished. Blogging about new developments in your field helps establish you as an expert, while showing potential employers you will never give up your quest to learn more.

You Can Highlight Your Skills and Abilities to the Public.

Medical conferences and journals are great for sharing your knowledge with colleagues. However, the benefit of blogging is that your words are accessible to the general public. Use this medium as a way to inform and educate individuals, while showing employers that you have the skills and abilities they seek.

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