You Can Land These 5 Medical Jobs Without Experience

Sep 18, 2020

Are you the type of person who loves helping others? Just because you don’t have a medical degree, or extensive experience in the field, doesn’t mean you can’t put your talents to good use. Here are five medical jobs you can land without prior experience:

Home care aide

Do you enjoy helping others? Are you more interested in spending time with elderly adults than young kids? If so, a job as a home care aid for older or disabled individuals might be ideal. Regular tasks include cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, and supporting family members in caring for their loved one. And with an average salary of just over $20,000, this job might just meet your finance needs.

Medical assistant

As a medical assistant, you would likely work in the office of a hospital or health center, where regular tasks might include making and answering calls, booking appointments, scheduling lab tests, and even updating patients’ medical records. Additionally, you might get to take on some patient care duties, such as taking and recording blood pressure and body temperatures. This position pays about $30,000 a year.

Medical secretary

Paying an average of $32,000 annually, medical secretary jobs are great for employees who are organized and efficient. Your day-to-day responsibilities might include scheduling appointments, ordering, and stocking supplies for doctors, and assisting medical staff in prepping reports. If you’re interested in medicine but don’t want to work in patient care, this job might be the one for you.

Occupational therapist aide

With a salary of just over $31,000 a year, occupational therapist aides help patients who are rehabilitating after injuries or illnesses. Some of your daily roles might include scheduling, making and answering calls, and dealing with insurance companies.

Psychiatric aide

A sometimes stressful but always important job, psychiatric aides help patients who are mentally ill with basic activities like eating, getting dressed, and participating in recreational events. A trained psychiatric aide can earn over $27,000 each year.

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