3 Resume Tips for Physician Assistants

May 20, 2020

Your resume serves as your introduction to potential employers. Given the importance of this job-seeking tool, make sure your resume is in optimal condition before sending it out into the world. Although a simple, one-page document may be standard for many professions, resumes for physician assistants tend to be longer, more detailed and more complicated. If you’re a PA in the midst of a job hunt, here are three useful tips to help strengthen your resume and give you a better chance to land the job you want.

Make it Reader Friendly

Hiring managers don’t have all day to scour your resume for the information they want. As such, make sure the salient material in your resume is available at a glance. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to keep your resume short and sweet. Don’t use any extraneous words or provide unnecessary information. Additionally, proper formatting is essential. When it comes time to list your educational background, training and applicable skills, don’t be afraid to use bullet points to help the information stand out on the page.

List Numbers and Dates

When listing your state licenses, be sure to include the license number as well as the expiration date for each one. This information makes it easier for your potential employer to verify your credentials, and making the hiring manager’s job easier is a nice way to make a good impression. Additionally, since working as a physician’s assistant is a detail-oriented position, providing these details in your resume reflects well on your ability to handle PA duties.

Include All Applicable Training

Unfortunately many physician assistants fail to list all of their applicable training in their resume. Instead, they pick and choose, highlighting the elements of their background they feel are the most important. This tactic can be detrimental, as you don’t know for sure all of the skills the hiring manager is looking for. In order to give yourself the best chance to succeed, be sure to include any and all training you’ve received that could connect to the position for which you’re applying. Moreover, you should also list any professional memberships you hold, as this information can give employers additional insight into your skills and areas of interest.

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