4 “Don’ts” for Medical Phone Interviews

Jan 16, 2020

Congratulations on landing that phone interview for a medical job at your dream company. While you might be excited that your first meeting will take place over the airwaves instead of in person, the truth is that phone interviews can be complex. There are steps that job candidates need to take to impress their interviewers and land their desired gigs, as well as actions that can jeopardize their futures. Here are some of Odyssey Staffing’s top tips for medical phone interview “don’t’s”:

Don’t Go in Unprepared

Just because you’re speaking over the phone instead of in person doesn’t mean you can afford to be unprepared. Before your interview, take time to research the hospital in question, including key players, patient population, and service offerings. If you don’t do your homework, you might leave the interviewer with the impression you don’t truly want the job.

Don’t Ramble

Long silences on the phone can be even more awkward than those that happen in person. However, phone interviewees shouldn’t be tempted to fill awkward conversational gaps by rambling. For best results, avoid long ambling responses; instead, ask a question to fill a silence.

Don’t Be Rude

Just because your phone interviewer can’t see you doesn’t mean he can’t hear everything you do or say. Be polite and professional by not eating, drinking, smoking or blowing your nose while on the phone. And of course, you should refrain from taking another call while being interviewed.

Don’t Be Too Casual

You don’t have to dress up for a phone interview, but you might want to “dress up” your voice. Use professional language and air on the side of formality when asking and answering questions.

Land Your Next Job With Help From Odyssey Staffing

The job market is competitive, and having a helping hand can make all the difference. At Odyssey Staffing, we specialize in helping medical candidates find great positions at top hospitals and health centers. To learn more about how we can help you land that next interview, call today or contact our team online.

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