How to Gain Flexibility in Your Medical Career

Jun 24, 2020

Tired of working long hours and never being able to take a vacation? Sick of your city or town? If you love your work, but not the limitations of your current job, you might want to consider a locum tenens career. Ideal for those looking to gain flexibility in their medical careers, locum tenens work comes with numerous advantages.

Flexible Schedule

For those who don’t enjoy being on call, having to babysit the cellphone on weekends, or working enormous amounts of hours, locum tenens positions might just offer the flexibility they crave. In fact, these positions are known for their flexibility with regard to hours. Unlike permanent jobs, locum tenens work allows employees to reduce their hours during times of personal upheaval, and schedule vacations as desired.

Flexible Location

Along with flexibility in scheduling, locum tenens positions often allow jobholders to travel to different parts of the country. Just because you’re sick of your current routine doesn’t mean it’s time to change careers. If you’re tired of seeing the same sights every day, consider taking a job assignment in a different part of the country or even the world. You might just find yourself feeling invigorating by the change of pace.

Opportunity to Try Before You Buy

It’s no secret that relocating your family and pets is a stressful experience. When you accept a locum tenens position, you can try out different cities and towns before making a permanent move that affects everyone’s lives. In fact, many hospitals and health centers allow locum tenens workers to start on a temporary basis and transition to permanent status if all parties are satisfied.

Rely on Odyssey Staffing for Your Recruitment Needs

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