How to Know a Physician Candidate Is a Leader

Aug 07, 2019

Hiring the right candidates for your team is essential if you want your facility to run efficiently. In order to create the best team possible, you should limit your hiring search to candidates who display leadership qualities. Even if you’re not hiring for a managerial position, workers that possess leadership skills tend to excel at every level. Moreover, natural-born leaders are typically more decisive and are better able to handle stressful, uncertain and chaotic situations. As you interview candidates for your facility, keep these questions in mind to help you identify potential leaders for your team.

Ask About Hard Decisions

Medical professionals are accustomed to making hard decisions. As such, leaders should have no trouble naming a time when a difficult decision resulted in a positive outcome. When candidates struggle to give an example of a crucial decision they’ve made, it may mean they lack necessary leadership skills. Similarly, if it’s clear from a candidate’s story that he wasn’t leading the way on the decision-making, it may be a sign that he isn’t a true leader.

Ask About Teamwork

The best leaders realize the importance of teamwork. By asking candidates about how they interact with other members of their team, you can start to get a sense of whether or not they are qualified leaders. Do they acknowledge the contributions of others? Is it clear that they listen to input? If a candidate gives off a lone wolf know-it-all arrogance, it could mean they don’t work well with others, which could hamper the effectiveness of your entire team.

Ask About Recovering From Failure

In the practice of medicine, negative outcomes are sadly inevitable from time to time. One of the best tests of a leader is how he bounces back from adversity. Ask your candidates about times they struggled or encountered failure, and what they did in the aftermath. These stories can be truly character revealing, and it can be a window into how they’ll react when they have to deal with similar situations in your practice. Ideally, you want to create a team full of leaders that will be able to persevere under any conditions.

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