What a Hiring Manager Will Look for in a Nurse Practitioner Resume

Oct 02, 2020

Evaluating resumes for healthcare workers can be a challenge. Given the breadth of each candidate’s educational background, work experience and skills, there can be a lot of information to sift through. For nurse practitioners, there are three key pieces of information that hiring managers should focus on, and these resume elements can say a lot about the past experience and future potential of a candidate.

Quality Nurse Practitioner Experience

First and foremost, hiring managers will look for past nurse practitioner experience. Since the candidate is applying for an NP position, this type of experience is the most relevant and can be one of the greatest predictors of a candidate’s capabilities. Specifically, hiring managers want to know what type of facility the NP worked in, what kinds of patients were seen, how many of those patients were seen in a day and what responsibilities the nurse practitioner handled at the facility. All of this information is relevant as hiring managers always have specific needs they need a candidate to fulfill.

Other Healthcare Work

Most nurse practitioners have healthcare experience outside of their work as NPs. For starters, nurse practitioners frequently work as registered nurses before completing the education and training necessary to become NPs. Additionally, many NPs served in administrative positions or as support staff for facilities or physicians. Any aspect of this background could be meaningful to a hiring manager, as they often need candidates who have a varied skill set.

Outside Experience and Professional Memberships

In many cases, nurse practitioners’ medical knowledge extends outside of what they do at the facility where they work. A number of nurses volunteer their services to outside organizations, and this experience can give NPs skills and experience beyond what they can learn at their regular jobs. Additionally, professional memberships can say a lot about a nurse practitioner’s interests and passions, which can definitely be useful knowledge to hiring managers.

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