What to Look for in a Medical Cover Letter

Jan 09, 2020

As the hiring manager for a hospital or health center, you likely receive hundreds of resumes for every open position. Unfortunately, deciding which candidate meets your needs is often easier said than done. And in many cases, employees who look good based on their resumes reveal serious weaknesses in their cover letters. Here are some of our tips for evaluating medical cover letters to find the perfect person for your next job opening:


When paging through your stack of medical cover letters, seek out those candidates who demonstrate versatility on the job. For example, finding employees who can cover shifts during busy times can be a serious boon. Additionally, think about choosing workers with the potential to work off hours, such as nights and weekends. Doing this ensures you’re always covered in the event of an emergency.


If you want to ensure your next hire is a success, mine cover letters for evidence of relevant experience. Just because a candidate has 10 years on the job doesn’t mean he excels in the areas that matter to your health facility. For best results, seek out people with the specific skills you require as well as the ability to multitask.


Of course, you not only want to hire employees with experience but also those who have been successful in achieving their goals. Look for cover letters in which candidates describe accomplishments and achievements on the job as opposed to just listing their previous companies. In the long run, employees who have been successful in the past are more likely to achieve great things while in your employ.

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