3 Things to Avoid in a Medical Job Offer Letter

Congratulations — after reviewing dozens of resumes and speaking with multiple job candidates, you’ve finally found the ideal person for your open position. Now it’s time to compose the all-important medical job offer letter.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot that can go wrong in this simple piece of communications. Here are three things to avoid when sending a job offer letter to your desired new hire.

Key Information

When crafting a medical job offer letter, you might be tempted to include all the relevant information a candidate will need to start work. However, the truth is that most of these details will be forgotten before the job seeker begins. Additionally, including too many pieces of information, such as start dates, responsibility rundowns, and salary details can turn off candidates. For best results, keep your offer letter clear, brief and breezy while avoiding details that can be discussed later over the phone.

Promises of Bonuses

Just as it’s a mistake to include too much job information upfront, it’s also problematic to make promises you might not be able to keep down the line. Avoid discussing bonuses or commissions, as these details can be ironed out later.

Training Requirements

Offer letters should be friendly, welcoming, and pleasant — after all, you’re trying to convince a job seeker to come work for you. Hence, it’s a mistake to include overwhelming training expectations. Not only is the candidate unlikely to remember this information, but they might also find a laundry list of requirements intimidating. Have faith in the fact that you chose the employee based on their expensive skill set and save the details for another day.

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